As an Independent Artist why turn to NewMediaTV?

We’re all well aware of the limitations of Internet video. Most attempts to view video online are plagued with a slew of problems: jerky motion, artifacts, connection loss, tiny screen size, pixilated images, poor color reproduction and the ultimate killer: slow download times. All these problems are things of the past.  Windows Media 9 when combined with optimizations that NewMediaTV Digital brings to the table can support the full-screen, full-resolution video that we expect from DVD, VHS, cable or satellite sources.

Delivering video over the Internet is one of the most exciting possibilities for independent filmmakers to distribute their works.  Finding distribution for your film is the key to having a successful career as a filmmaker. The savvy producer understands that creating an audience for his or her film is the most effective way of attracting distributors and that marketing will be the primary agent in creating this audience.  Although most filmmakers treat marketing and public relations as an extraneous drain on their resources, you cannot be financially successful without it. Good independent films don’t fail because they are sabotaged by “The Hollywood System”. Good independent films fail because they aren’t seen by the right people. Properly promoting your project will save you from this fatal short-coming and an unnecessarily short career in film.

The Internet is by far the most powerful marketing tool available to the independent producer. It goes without saying that independent productions are hopelessly outgunned when contending with a Hollywood marketing campaign that involves TV, magazines, radio, billboards and newspapers. The Internet can prove to be the one form of media where your production can compete on the same level as a major studio.

Fortunately, creating an effective Internet presence does not necessitate having an immense staff or a mammoth budget. The greatest advantage of the Internet is that a single individual can create the same footprint as a Fortune 500 company with a cleverly designed and executed site

Using the Channels found in the new Windows Media 9 Player the independent film maker can start the hype for their film and their site by putting it in front of millions leveling the playing field with mainstream films.   Combine this type of exposure with that from a well organized search engine submission and link program and NewMediaTV can make your independent film soar.